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Business Departments of ORMA Soc. Coop.



The management and the consulting Team, supported by Professional (national and international) Partners, offers a range of services and activities related to:

  • business and professional consulting;
  • tax and law consulting;
  • Customers' business and asset management.

Professionals, Offices and Companies, specialized in consulting, will be at your disposal to evaluate, for free, the "health" of your Activities and Assets, to offer a series of actions aimed to better manage or improve them.


The Banking and Financing Department of ORMA, also supported by external (National and International) Professionals, offers a range of services relating to:

  • European Funding;
  • Bank Loans;
  • Investors Scouting.

ORMA Professionals, through public and private channels, will analyze, for free, the investment you are planning, to offer you, if deemed valid, a number of possible funding solutions for your business idea.


ORMA, Architectural Firm and Construction Divisions, also assisted by Professionals and external Construction (Local and National) Companies, offer a range of services relating to:

  • technical and administrative practices;
  • ex novo buildings, renovations and restorations;
  • private and public calls for tender.

ORMA Professionals, will be at your disposal to carry out a free survey, and offer, if interested, a number of possible intervention solutions for your properties, to realize, renovate or simply restore them.


The management Team and the Consultants of ORMA, supported by established industry professionals (see the Partners reference page), will offer you a range of services and activities, related to:

  • Bioenergy (Solar Power, Biogas, etc ...);
  • Production of Electrical and/or Thermal Power;
  • Energy Analysis and Free Quotes;
  • Financing and Leasing Scouting.

Professionals and companies, specialized in Bioenergy, will perform inspections, for free, to analyze the energetic conditions of your business premises and will offer you a number of possible solutions, also financed, for the improvement of the bio-energetic balancement of them. The Thermodynamic Solar and miniBioMetano Office, offers the agro-livestock farms a basic compact module of 100kWe or 200kWe, able to fully meet the needs of thermal power whilst also generating additional income for the Farmer (thanks to GSE incentives).


The I.T. Department of ORMA, proposes a series of innovative services:

  • web agency;
  • multicopter drones sale and service;
  • Innovation and Technology.

ORMA Team is at your disposal to guide you to the new Millennium. Technology, innovation, research and development are just some of the activities this area offers to internal offices and to external audiences.


The Learning Dept. of ORMA offers a series of educational services:

  • corporate and professional training;
  • national and International certifications;
  • Publishing, laboratories and workshops.

The Workforce of ORMA Learning Dept. is at your disposal for any required training, private and/or company lessons, and it will offer you, if interested, a number of possible training courses, based on your real requirements, ensuring that training obtained can really be "spent" in the contemporary business scene.


Italian Goodies by ORMA, with the support of ORMA Tourism & Culture Dept., will offer you a series of services and products:

  • local goods;
  • Made in Italy goods;
  • production and trade;
  • national and foreign sales channels.

The synergy between the two "Touristic" Departments of ORMA led regenerated interest in local products and traditional recipes, from this area. It is thus possible to implement the production and marketing of our typical products, thanks to more and new national and international commercialization agreements signed by ORMA with excellent Italian and foreign Distributors.


Tourism & Culture Dept. of ORMA, pursuant to a growing chain-agreement in Val di Noto (and beyond), offers a range of services:

  • hotels and accommodation facilities;
  • management of accommodation facilities;
  • services for accommodation facilities;
  • Culture and Lore;
  • shows and events.

Our tourist accommodation network generated and managed by ORMA, it is only the beginning of a more correct use of the immense cultural and tourist resources distributed throughout our local and national areas; the strength of the network and the willingness to donate the right light to our heritage, are the lifeblood of our Touristic Idea.