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The Italian Data Protection Authority transposed the European Directive that imposes, on administrators of web pages, to show, to visitors, a banner that informs them about the cookie policy of the site they are browsing and to subject to their acceptance, even implicit, the further navigation.

In this regard, if you need more information or if you have questions about the Cookie Policy of this site, please contact us by email at: or consult the decision of the Italian Data Protection Authority directly on the dedicated website: Authority Provision.


This information page describes the ways in which personal data are collected and how they are received and used by


For this purpose, in particular, cookies are used; they are text files to facilitate the user and to grant him a better browsing experience.



Cookie Law



1) What are Cookies?

2) Navigation Cookie.

3) Performance Cookie.

4) Functional Cookie.

5) How can I do to disable Cookies?


What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text strings stored in your computer when you visit certain pages on the web.

If you do not want to accept cookies, you can still browse this site and use it for research purposes. In most browsers, cookies are enabled; at the bottom of this page you'll find the informations you need to change your cookie settings on your browser.

Cookies are not harmful to your device. In the cookies we generate, we do not store your personally identifiable informations, but we use encrypted informations, gathered by the cookies, in order to grant you a better navigation experience on our site.

We provide you this information as part of our initiative in favour of the enforcement of the recent legislation, and to ensure our honesty and transparency concerning your privacy, when you use our website. We are also working on further improvements about the privacy and the cookies policy on our site.

Cookies can perform various functions, such as enable you to navigate between different pages efficiently, remembering your preferences, and in general they can improve the user's residence on our site.

ORMACOOP.IT reserves the right to use cookies, with your consent, when the law or the regulations establish it, to facilitate navigation on the site and personalize the informations that will appear. ORMACOOP.IT also reserves the right to use similar systems to collect informations about users, such as IP address, type of browser, operating system used and/or web pages visited by a user, for statistical or safety.

ORMACOOP.IT may collect this information to track site usage and improve certain aspects.

Navigation Cookie.

These cookies are essential to enable you to move around the site and to use its functionality. Without these cookies we can not provide you the requested services.

Cookies (only the strictly necessary ones) are used to store a "unique identifier" in order to manage and identify you as unique user, compared to other users at that time browsing the site, and in order to provide the user with a consistent and accurate service.

Some examples include:

  • the memory of previous actions (for example, entered text) when navigating back to a page in the same session;
  • management and crossing of security tokens for different services within a website to identify the status of the visitor (eg, registered or not registered);
  • maintenance of tokens for the deployment of the restricted areas of this website; routing of customers to specific versions/applications services, or as it can may be necessary during a technical migration.

Performance Cookie.

These cookies can belong to ORMACOOP.IT or to external partners; they may be session or persistent cookies; their use, however, is limited to the performance and improvement of the website.

These cookies collect informations on how a visitor uses the website, such as the pages he visits and so on.

These cookies do not collect informations that can identify you. All informations collected by these cookies are aggregated in an anonymous form and are only used to improve the functionality of the website.

Some examples include:

  • Web Analytics — the collected data are limited only to the use of the website by the operator, to manage the performances and structure of the site; these cookies may be third-party cookies, but informations will only be used by those involved in the publication of the website visited;
  • errors handling — measurement of errors that occur on the site; usually this function will support the improvement of services or the handling of users complaints and it will generally be strictly linked to web analytics;
  • different structures of the pages tests — tests on variations in the structure, normally using A/B or multivariable tests, to ensure that in the current and subsequent sessions is kept a consistent look and feel to the user of the site.

Functional Cookie.

These cookies can belong to ORMACOOP.IT or to external partners and may have a session duration or may be persistent. These cookies are usually consequent to a user action, but can be implemented also in providing a service not specifically requested but offered to users.

They can also be used to prevent to provide back, a given user, a service previously offered and rejected by him. Furthermore, these cookies allow the website to remember users choices (such as user name, language, country of origin, etc ...).

Informations collected by these cookies are anonymous and can not track users behavior on other websites.

Some examples include:

  • remembering users settings, applied to a website; such as layout, font size, preferences, colors etc;
  • remembering a user choice, so that it is no longer requested to complete an eventual questionnaire;
  • detect if a service has already been offered; such as offering a tutorial for later website visits;
  • provide informations to allow the operation of a service;
  • fulfillment of a user request, such as submitting a comment.

How can I do to disable Cookies?

Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can also choose to do not accept them. You should not have to disable this function, since this may prevent you from moving freely from page to page and enjoying all the peculiarities of the website.

If you do not wish, however, that your device receives and stores cookies, you can modify the security settings of your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari etc.). In any case, note that certain parts of our website may be used in their fullness way only if your browser accepts cookies. Therefore, your choice to remove and do not accept cookies, may affect your staying on our website.

If you want, in any way, change the settings of your cookie settings, you can do it by entering the settings of the various browsers; the following are brief instructions on how to do this in the four most popular browsers, with direct links to their information/tutorials pages:


Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Click the 'Tools" icon, in the upper left corner, and select "Internet Options." In the pop-up window, select "Privacy." Here you can adjust your cookies settings.

(look here)

Google Chrome.
Click the 'Tools" icon, in the upper left corner, and select "Internet Options." In the pop-up window, select "Privacy." Here you can adjust your cookies settings.

(look here)

Mozilla Firefox.
From the drop-down menu, in the upper left corner, select "Options". In the pop-up window, select "Privacy". Here you can adjust your cookies settings.

(look here)

From the drop-down menu, in the upper left corner (under Safari), select "Preferences". In the pop-up window, select "Security" and here you can adjust your cookies settings.

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Google Analytics.
To disable analytical cookies and to prevent Google Analytics to collect informations about your navigation, you can download the Google Analytics Plug-in.